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Oh my beautiful knight
– Adeline Arénas –

Arthur Rackham – The Meeting of Oberon and Titania

Oh my beautiful knight
Before the morning comes and the servants knock
Tell me a stranger tale

Oh my beautiful knight
Before the bat hides and the bird flies
Sing me another lullaby

Oh my beautiful knight
When the night is silent and lends us this moment
I will give you a spell

Oh my beautiful knight
When the time is for the fairies to dance
Will you still ask for my hand?

Oh my beautiful knight
Before your kingdom’s call
Say one last word and then go

For we shall meet again
Oh my beautiful knight
And be king and queen of that faraway land



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On a peaceful evening,
The Lady climbed the stairs of the Castle.
Silently she arrived at the balcony
And moved aside the heavy velvet curtains.
“Is that the Murderous Knight I see standing there quietly?”

“Bright Lady”, greeted the Knight,
“The Night is calm and the spirits are appeased.
Why are you awake? Why are your clothes
So black that you always seem to be in mourning?
Who are you crying for, dear Damosel?”

“I have no tears for a long time”, said the Lady.
“Yet it seems that I loved so long, so long ago…
But my dress remains black, dear Knight,
And I came tonight to join you. For like me,
Obscurity is the only thing that suits you.

You are still wearing black.”
So speaks the Lady. Silence and Night are wrapping
The Knight and her in their benevolent embrace.
The voice of the Knight is resonating again:
“I guess, my Lady, that you came here for a request?”

“I ask you a promise, dear Murderer.
My heart is never at peace, storms are rumbling in my mind.
– I am going to die soon.
What I implore you to do, dear Lord,
Is to be by my side when the Darkness will make me his bride.”

So says the Lady. “You”, claims the Knight,
“Are far too young to see the Fatal Angel.
What happened to you, beautiful Damsel,
Surrounded by night and sorrow,
To know pains that aren’t supposed to be yours?”

“I felt too much and committed terrible actions”,
Says the Damosel. “Dread is gripping my heart. I have to die,
For this is my fair punishment. There is nothing,
Nothing I long most for.
Even so Terror is haunting me.”

And for the first time in what seems centuries for her,
The Lady cries.
The Murderous Knight holds her hand
As remorse is flowing like water upon her cheeks.
“When Death will bring you to its kingdom I’ll stay.”

So says the Murderous Knight. “My regrets and actions
Are the causes of my eternal mourning.
I am wearing black like you, dear Damosel,
But I am not afraid of Death.
I promise to be with you when the Angel will come.”

Here is the oath of the Murderous Knight.
The Lady’s face is pale under the stars shining above them.
She doesn’t cry any more and stays quiet,
For the Murderous Knight, her love,
Watches her and eases her soul.

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