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Maître de Philippe de Gueldre,

Maître de Philippe de Gueldre, “Un transi entraînant la femme du chevalier”

“I fell in love with a zombie, I fell in love with a zombie, I fell (oooh) in love with a zombie last night!”

The goth kid finished his song and rushed off stage. Some undead people in the crowd said they saw tears in his eyes. The following band was three ghost girls singing, but they were soon kicked out by another band consisting in two human beings alive and (un)well.

“This song is for the boy who fell in love with a zombie”, said one of the members – a girl – with a smirk on her face. The boy lifted his head but tears were shining on his cheeks.

The song was good – at least that’s what the undead people in the crowd said. The boy was busy crying and drinking something weird, and green, that tasted like… what? It didn’t matter. He was in love. With a zombie.

Later that night he was cornered by the girl who dedicated her song to him. When she bit his neck he understood that she was not so alive after all. But (un)well, she was indeed. “I’m not unwell”, she said. “You are. This will ease your pain, darling boy. I’m going to drink your sadness.”

God, he was the unluckiest boy in the world when it came to girls. She drank a bit of blood from him and left him to talk with the three ghost girls. He was not sad anymore, for the moment. Just completely tired. He decided to go back home. Tears were dried on his cheeks. And he was still in love with a zombie.

*The verses of the goth kid’s song were inspired by Last Night performed by Subvision.


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