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“Do you like horror movies?”, she asked.

He smiled.

“Sure.” He took a sip of his drink. “Especially the old ones.”

“What a surprise.”

“Don’t get me wrong. The black and white ones are great but those from the seventies – I have a blast with them.” He seemed to think. “Even with those from the early 80’s.”

“Blood everywhere.”

“Not everywhere. Think about Halloween. Everything is suggested. Nothing is ever shown.”

“Except in Rob Zombie’s versions.” Playfully argumentative.

“The recent ones, yes. You are young. (He looked at her.) You have that… hunger for blood. Time will pass and you’ll learn that the most terrifying and violent things are often hidden.”

“I’m not that young anymore. It’s been seven years – since we first met.”

“That much?” He drank, hiding a grin.

“You know it’s been that much. Sometimes I surprise myself saying things and I discover after you said them too.”

He didn’t answer.

“Come on! You made me.”

“I’m not responsible for your white skin and your hair.”

“Maybe not.”


“Destiny I guess. You took the look-alike, made her your apprentice and threw her into the world.”

“And still we’re here talking about horror movies.”

“And still we’re meeting again, sitting here and talking about horror movies.”

The song in the jukebox changed.

“Rob Zombie”, he pointed out. “Did you cast a spell?”

“You haven’t taught me that yet.”

“That’s right.” His glass was empty now and he left it on the bar. “Would you like to chase some ghosts in the streets?”

“I’d like to.” She stood up and shook her hair – very similar to his own. “Very much.”

“Alright then.” He stood up. “But I warn you: the ghosts you can’t see are the most frightening.”

“Who said I was scared?”

They arrived at the door of the establishment.

“Do you know a haunted house?”

He had a devilish smile.


And they went out, dressed in old elegant clothes, their necks or hands covered with symbolic jewels, and their pale faces ready for ghosts.

The end


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