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A Beautiful Nightmare

By Adeline Arénas

And in the arms of the beloved night I go…

There were no lights in the city anymore. No cars driving. Just the sound of my feet echoing in the streets. I was walking on my way home. I didn’t want to come back. I was in love with the beauty of the dark streets. I could have walked for hours. I didn’t feel the danger and maybe there wasn’t any danger at all. People are afraid of the night because they don’t know it. The darkness scares them. They’re locked in their houses, terrified by the devil and the ghosts outside.

And I was walking, bewitched by the night. My sweet, beloved night. Hands in my pockets, the breeze pushing my hair in front of my face, I was enamored of too much beauty. Once I’d be back home I wouldn’t sleep and I knew it. It was that sort of night where my mind was full of dizziness, of thoughts and things that can’t be said or written.

I wasn’t walking fast and I started to sing. I sang softly, carefully because I didn’t want to be heard. At least by people in their locked houses. I searched for the right song in my head… And a few seconds later, I found it. It was a ballad, a romantic song I guess… Quite dark too.

And the moment was perfect. I was seeing the old houses, the alleyways in some places and I was singing all the feelings I had and I couldn’t tell. How I was bewitched…

I was so bewitched that I thought anything could happen. The devil could appear in front of me and I wouldn’t be scared. I would be seduced. Seduced by the night and all its tricks. I wanted to be seduced. And dragged into it.

“You shouldn’t walk alone, girl.”

I stopped and saw the shadow in front of me. I pushed the hair from my face and smiled. So here we were. He was tall, and there was something, maybe the way he was partly standing in the shadow of a wall, or the way he seemed to look at me, that kept the fear from taking me.

“You’re not scared?”

I heard the grin in his voice.

“I’m not.”

He went out of the shadow and made one step, then two, towards me. Most people would have run I suppose. His presence was disturbing in the streets. In the night. Most people would have said that he was dangerous. I didn’t care. He could have been a killer, a demon, whatever. I wasn’t frightened of him.

“So is it a charm?” I asked. “A diabolic thing?”

I felt his gaze heavily fixed on me as he stepped closer. I didn’t move.

“Do you think I’m evil?” he said.

He was far too close than any other girl would have allowed – and they would have run away.

“I don’t mind. I just think…”


“That this might be too splendid to be true. Maybe I’m trapped by the night at last. Maybe this is just a night trick.”

“And maybe you’re my night trick, too. Did you think about it?”

I felt his hand lightly caressing my cheek. Maybe he had blood on his hands I couldn’t see in the dark. Maybe he was the Devil in person. But I heard his voice. I felt his eyes on me.

“In the middle of nowhere…” he whispered.

I was wrapped in his eyes. In the night…

“It’s like a beautiful nightmare.”, I murmured.

“It is.”, he said.

His face came closer and soon I felt his lips on mine. No matter who he was. I kissed him back with all the feelings I couldn’t tell.
When he moved away from me I realized I still had my arms around him.


“I have to go. You too.” he said, taking my hand and making it gently slipping from him.

He watched me and then I saw it again. The subtle grin, like a dark spell cast by the night.

“It’s like a nightmare… They never have the end we want them to have.” he said.

He walked next to me and I just had the time to hear “And it was beautiful.” quickly whispered in my ear before he disappeared behind me. The street was empty. I started to walk, knowing that I wouldn’t sleep. I had been trapped by the night. I had desired it. And then I felt it. The last caress of the night before going home. A fine breeze, or maybe just a perfume. Like an invitation.




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